Hi! My name is Ender and I am from Ünye, Ordu, Turkey. After living in Istanbul for 15 years, I decided to relocate to my hometown. I have been working in the software industry since 2011 and have gained experience in various startups as a software engineer. Currently, I am employed as a software developer at Teamtailor since October 2021.

I enjoy developing web applications, especially focusing on contributing to various open-source projects on GitHub. Since 2014, I have been leading a local community called Ruby Turkey. For more information about me, you can visit my Linkedin profile, and you can also follow me on Github and Twitter

I have been producing a podcast called Üretim Bandı:Teknik. It focuses on technology and software development. While the majority of the episodes are in Turkish, I have also recorded episodes in English.

Except for this blog, I have mostly written in Turkish about life and my experiences on my Medium blog. I will continue writing there.

I also create videos about my life, as well as educational videos on my Youtube Channel

I have a side project (which I hope to turn into a startup later 🙏). It's called Podiscover and it's a social media platform for podcast listeners. If you're interested in Podiscover, feel free to contact me via email or through my social media. Let's meet and discuss the podcast industry! [It closed.]

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